TradeStops automates the trailing stops equation, giving you a formula that tells you when to cut your losers and let your winners run. Just enter your individual investments and decide on a trailing stops percentage, and let TradeStops do the rest. You’ll be free to live your day-to-day life, without the constant worry that you may be letting profit slip through your fingertips.

We offer two service packages to meet your needs: Trailing Stops Only and TradeStops Pro.

Our Pricing

  1. Our simplest service designed exclusively for users that want to track trailing stop alerts on their portfolios.
  2. Track up to 200 simultaneous alerts on US, London and Canadian equities and indices and US Mutual Funds.

Feature Tour

1. Tracks your price and performance targets so you don't have to

At TradeStops, we know that you have better things to do than spend your time worrying about your portfolio positions. That's why we've developed an automated system for tracking your stocks and alerting you when the time is right to make a change. Whether you need to know when to get in or out, TradeStops can help you track all of the following situations:

Price Triggers Time Triggers Volume and Moving
Average Triggers
Trailing Stops* Specific Date Volume Spikes
Percentage Gain/Loss # of Calendar Days 10, 50 and 200 day MAs
Dollar Gain/Dollar Loss # of Trading Days Close above/below MA
Fixed Price Triggers # of Profitable Opens/Closes MA Crossovers

* Trailing Stop triggers are featured in both our Trailing Stops Only service and in TradeStops Pro. All other triggers are only available in TradeStops Pro.

2. Easy to use

TradeStops was designed to be the most user-friendly service on the market. Once logged in, you will manage your account via a small handful of data entry and alert setup screens, complete with a useful help file.

Take a look at the TradeStops video tutorial to get a better feeling for how our system functions.

3. Sends alerts to email or cell phone

Once you've set up your alerts, you will be asked to decide if you would like TradeStops to notify you when your alert triggers have been met via email, cell phone, or both. Additionally, you can have alerts sent to your broker - a great way to not have your orders in the market while still maintaining your discipline.

4. Tracks alerts in U.S. mutual funds and more

TradeStops currently provides alerts on U.S. mutual funds. Each evening at 9 p.m. EST, TradeStops receives a download of the most reliable data in the industry from CSI Data. After evaluation, emails are distributed for any alerts whose criteria have been met. You will have the alerts in plenty of time to take any needed market action the following day.

5. Affordable and risk-free

With service options ranging from $149.00 to $299.00 per year, TradeStops is an affordable investment-tracking tool. Considering that just one missed opportunity to buy or sell a key position can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, TradeStops is an unbelievable bargain.

You can start putting the power of TradeStops to work for you with no risk whatsoever. We will gladly refund your fees for any reason within the first 60 days of service.