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Many investors suffer from one of two similar problems:

  • Holding onto a loser too long in the hope of it one day recovering, only throwing in the towel when the loss finally becomes intolerable
  • Making nice gains, only to get nervous during the pullback and sell for a small profit - or even a loss – and then watching the stock take off to new heights without you

Conventional wisdom tells us, “You’ve got to cut your losses and let your winners ride.” Unfortunately, it’s in our nature to do the opposite. The individual investor is handicapped by the tendency to tolerate losses while nervously grabbing gains off the table early for fear of losing them.

What happens? You’re left with big losses and small gains. One way or another, this situation has to be reversed.

Make a plan.

You need to have a trading plan, and you should have it before you find yourself in the heat of the moment. Let TradeStops help guide you to better investment decisions.

We've developed a proven system for tracking your stocks and alerting you when the time is right to make a change. TradeStops provides powerful tools for trailing stop order and stock tracking, and sends stock alerts to your email or mobile device so that you always know when to stay in or get out. Loss-stop orders with TradeStops.com are the key to cutting your losses in stock trading.

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Every year, I resolve to do the same thing when it comes to investing: Keep Following My Rules.

Rule #1 - the Golden Rule of trading - is to cut your losers and let your winners run. If I keep doing that, I know I'll always protect the money I have... and grow it into more.

If one of your goals is to be a more successful, more disciplined investor - if you want to make more money in the markets than you ever have before - this is the first rule you need to master...
And mastering it has never been so easy...

For years subscribers to my True Wealth Newsletter asked me, “Steve, isn’t there an easy way to track my trailing stops?” Now, happily, I can finally tell them that the answer is “Yes.”

TradeStops finally makes tracking trailing stops easy enough that anyone can do it. And trailing stops are the simplest, easiest, most effective technique I've ever seen for ensuring you never stay in a losing trade too long... and ride your winners to gains you never would have imagined...

Steve Sjuggerud, Ph.D.
Editor, True Wealth

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New 52 Week Highs - 03/26/2015

Symbol Last Day Change Year Change
AHS $23.62 +3.42% +72.28%
HPTX $43.56 +3.44% +65.56%
WWAV $43.82 +1.06% +61.1%
KRFT $84.39 +1.47% +57.57%
REV $39.74 +0.68% +57.14%

New 52 Week Lows - 03/26/2015

Symbol Last Day Change Year Change
REN $0.59 -2.91% -91.69%
FUEL $9.42 -2.69% -79.94%
CRR $30.59 -0.03% -76.13%
LAYN $4.47 -1.97% -74.33%
UPIP $0.57 -2.26% -73.05%

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